Hygiene and Infection Protection Standards...


...to CoronaSchVO NRW (local area):

1. The common use of a room or accommodation is only permitted for persons who are exempted from the prohibition of contact in public areas according to § 1 paragraph 2 of the CoronaSchVO. Guests who are unwilling to comply with the following rules will be denied access under the house rights.

2. Access is also denied to guests and employees with symptoms of respiratory infection. Exceptions for employees are only possible after medical examination.

3. Contact details of guests as well as the period of use of the accommodation facility are collected – subject to consent – in accordance with § 2 a paragraph 1 of the CoronaSchVO (registration certificate). Data already available from the booking process may be used.

4. The gastronomic offer (breakfast / conference buffet) is only offered in compliance with the current infection protection regulations.

5. Guests can use a hand disinfectant dispenser in the entrance area. In addition, guests are informed by clearly visible information in the entrance area and at check-in, and by the staff about the infection protection regulations to be observed in the accommodation facility.

6. Employees who have direct contact with guests wear a mouth-nose cover. Reusable mouth-nose covers are washed at a minimum of 60 degrees Celsius before the next use. Guests are obliged to wear a mouth-nose cover according to § 2 paragraph 3 CoronaSchVO with the exception of seats in the bistro and the outdoor area.

7. Organizational measures (access regulations, restriction of persons for elevators, etc. ) or structural/furnishing measures (distance markings, separation of traffic routes, distances between seating furniture, etc. ) ensure that there is a minimum distance between all persons who are not exempted from the prohibition of contact in public areas according to § 1 (2) of the CoronaSchVO. 1. 5 m. This applies in particular to the distances between service staff and guests at check-in etc. For areas in which compliance with the minimum distance is not guaranteed, employees and the management also impose an obligation to wear a mouth-nose cover in accordance with § 2 CoronaSchVO for guests under domestic law. The exceptions according to § 2 paragraph 3 of the CoronaSchVO are to be allowed.

8. All guest and business premises are adequately ventilated.

9. For shorter stays, room cleaning takes place only after departure. Both in the rooms and in the common areas, all contact surfaces such as chairs, tables and (if necessary) upholstery are cleaned after use / departure or at regular intervals with a grease-solving household cleaner.

10. Displays of magazines or other items used by different guests (kulis, etc. ) are only permitted under the following conditions: They have been cleaned regularly – in rooms at least after each guest change. Unnecessary textiles and items have been removed from the premises.

11. Generally accessible sanitary facilities are cleaned at least twice a day, including the safe disposal of waste. Contact surfaces are regularly cleaned with a grease-solving household cleaner. In sanitary facilities hand disinfectants, liquid soap and hand dryers are provided.

12. Disinfectants are provided in the hotel rooms.

13. Used textiles etc. are changed with each guest change and must be washed at a minimum temperature of 60 degrees Celsius.

14. The employees were instructed in the aforementioned protective measures and rules of conduct (including general rules of infection protection such as “sneeticker”, classification of cold symptoms, etc. ). Status: 01. 10. 2020 IIa.


15. Breakfast reservations are made the day before to avoid a backlog of guests in waiting areas. Guests must be assigned a seat in the indoor catering area (seating requirement).

16. Guests must disinfect their hands after entering the bistro (provision of disinfectants).

17. For admissible events, an overall list is created, whereby it is sufficient if the organizer is able to provide further contact details if necessary. If required by the CoronaSchVO, the list includes a seat allocation.

18. Seating tables shall be arranged in such a way that a. there is a distance of at least 1,5 m between the tables (measured from the edge of the table or from the seating positions between two tables). b. in seating areas close to workstations (e. g. counter) a distance of 1,5 m from the staff’s room of movement is maintained. Seating directly in front of the counter is permitted only with additional barriers (e. g. Plexiglass as in retail).

19. Before each buffet, guests must disinfect their hands (provision of disinfectants).

20. Spacing marks are provided in heavily frequented areas/ queues (entry, toilets etc. ).

21. Utility items (spice dispensers, toothpicks etc. ) are not open on the tables

22. Self-service buffets are only permitted if guests disinfect their hands before each use of the disinfectant dispensers provided and wear a mouth-nose cover during use. The best possible shielding or covering of the food (“spit protection” or the like) is guaranteed.

23. A party according to § 13 (5) of the CoronaSchVO may be held in premises separated from other guest traffic with the number of participants defined in § 13 (5) sentence 2 of the CoronaSchVO without observance of the distance requirement and without obligation to wear a mouth-nose cover on the part of the participants within the separate rooms, provided that suitable arrangements are made hygiene and easy traceability according to § 2a paragraph 1 CoronaSchVO are ensured. The provisions of para. 1, 2, 18a, 21 and 22 do not apply to these events.