Taylor Swift - The Eras Tour in Germany 2

Look forward to a spectacular event that will make the hearts of music fans and especially Swifties beat faster – Taylor Swift, the icon of pop and contemporary music, is coming to Gelsenkirchen!

Known for her unforgettable melodies, profound lyrics and breathtaking live performances, Taylor Swift captivates many people from all over the world. This concert promises to be one of the concert highlights of the year in North Rhine-Westphalia, offering an unforgettable evening of magic and music.

Taylor Swift’s success story is characterized by records and awards. With millions of albums sold worldwide and numerous Grammy Awards, she has firmly established herself in the music industry. Each of her concerts is a testament to her extraordinary talent and her connection with the audience. The opportunity to see Taylor Swift live in Gelsenkirchen is therefore a highlight not to be missed. With a little luck, football fans will also get their money’s worth and catch a glimpse of NFL superstar and three-time Super Bowl winner Travis Kelce from the Kansas City Chiefs, who has also been an integral part of pop culture since his relationship with Taylor Swift.

Experience the region together with other Swifites

For Swifties, a visit to Düsseldorf offers much more than just the concert in nearby Gelsenkirchen. We in Düsseldorf have the airport, so it might be a good idea to take a longer trip to Düsseldorf and make the most of your trip near the airport.

Make your stay an unforgettable experience by exploring this charming city on the Rhine. From Düsseldorf to Gelsenkirchen to the Veltins-Arena is just a stone’s throw away and really quick to reach thanks to good connections.

Düsseldorf is known for its lively art scene, elegant shopping streets and beautiful Rhine promenade, which invites you to take a stroll. Take the opportunity to discover the city with other Swifties and share the anticipation of the concert. Their songs will be heard all over the city on this day, wearing merchandising will be a distinctive sign to get to know each other and all of this rounds off a concert experience.

How to have the perfect concert experience

We are busy concert-goers and are not just talking from the perspective of a hotel in Düsseldorf, because our recommendation is clearly to make a multi-day event out of the Taylor Swift concert in Gelsenkirchen. If you are coming from further afield, why not arrive the day before the concert? Enjoy the evening in Düsseldorf’s old town, sleep in, have breakfast and arrange to meet up with other Swifties on the day of the concert.

Attend the concert and don’t stress about your return journey afterwards, but return to your hotel after an unforgettable concert experience and start a relaxed and enjoyable return journey the following day.

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