Experience unforgettable flavour experiences in the exclusive ambience of the design hotel Stage47 Düsseldorf. In collaboration with Ute Albers, the experienced sommelier from VinoGusto, we regularly offer you exquisite wine seminars and rum tastings that will take you on a journey through the world of fine wines.

Exquisite wine tasting in Düsseldorf

Immerse yourself in the fascinating world of wine. At our wine seminar, our VinoGusto sommelier will present you with carefully selected wines from various wine-growing regions. Let yourself be enchanted by the variety of flavours and the stories behind the wines. Our wine seminars are aimed at both beginners and experienced wine lovers.

During the seminar, you will not only learn about delicious new wines, but also expand your knowledge of cultivation and production. Professional tasting techniques and an insight into flavour theory will teach you how to taste wine professionally.

Wine & Cheese seminar

Our wine & cheese seminar will immerse you in the heavenly world of delicious wines and exquisite cheeses. Enjoy pleasant hours in a friendly and relaxed atmosphere and be inspired by the expertise of our sommelière. Discover the diversity of the wine regions and experience how wonderfully wine and cheese harmonise with each other.

What you can expect:

Exquisite cheese selection: Savour eight different cheeses made from cow’s, sheep’s and goat’s milk, perfectly matched to the wines.
Matching wines: Tasting of eight international wines, including white, rosé and red wines, carefully selected to complement the flavours of the cheeses.
Expert guide: Ute Albers, your expert and host, will welcome you with a refreshing sparkling wine and introduce you to the evening’s programme.
Sensory introduction: Learn various tasting techniques and receive a sensory introduction to the world of wine.
Theory and practice: Learn more about the basics of winemaking, the most important grape varieties and the rules for the interplay of flavours.
Culinary accompaniment: In addition to wine and cheese, we serve you bread and water to neutralise the taste and complete the experience.
Knowledge transfer: Receive basic information on wine and food pairing as well as a personalised roadmap for your wine purchase.
Tasting documents: You will receive written documents on the enjoyment of cheese and wine to review and consolidate what you have learnt.

Wine seminar for beginners in Düsseldorf

We offer special wine seminars for beginners, where you will learn the art of wine tasting from scratch. Immerse yourself in the fascinating world of wine and learn the basics of wine sensory analysis and winemaking. Here too, our experienced sommelier Ute Albers will guide you through a relaxed evening and offer you the perfect opportunity to learn more about the most important wine regions and the world of diverse aromas and flavours. Through practical exercises and entertaining knowledge transfer, this evening will be an unforgettable experience that will help you to better understand your own taste for wine and enjoy it more consciously.

What to expect:

Introduction to wine sensory analysis: learn how to consciously perceive and distinguish the different flavours of wine.
Production and grape varieties: Get an overview of wine production as well as the most important varieties and wine regions worldwide.
The myth of the wine label: Unravel the secrets of wine labels and learn how to interpret the information on them correctly.
Learning by Drinking: Taste ten different international wines, including white, rosé and red wines, and find out which varieties best suit your personal taste.
Practical tips: Learn how to choose the right wines, whether at the wine rack or in a restaurant, and get useful tips for your next wine purchase.
Culinary accompaniment: In addition to fine wines, we serve you bread and water to neutralise the taste and complete the experience.
Tasting documents: You will receive written documents about the wines and their tasting to review and consolidate what you have learnt.

Not in the mood for Wine? How about a rum seminar?

Not a wine drinker? Then you might prefer our exclusive rum seminar: discover the world of rum, from mild aromas to complex flavours that will tantalise your palate. Let yourself be inspired by the variety and versatility of this noble drop and expand your knowledge of its origin, history and production.

What you can expect:

History and origin: Find out exciting and insightful information about the origin and history of rum. Discover what distinguishes Jamaica rum from other types of rum and which countries and islands are still important rum producers.
Rum production: Gain basic knowledge about the production of rum, from the sugar cane harvest to distillation and storage. Learn about the different styles of rum and their characteristic features.
Introduction to rum sensory analysis: Ute Albers gives you an introduction to rum sensory analysis and explains the best way to taste rum in order to fully appreciate its variety of flavours.
Tasting: Taste ten different, carefully selected rums from different countries and regions. Discover the variety and the different flavour experiences that rum can offer.
Culinary accompaniment: Bread and water are served during the tasting to neutralise the palate.
Practical tips: Learn what influence the different types and growing regions of sugar cane have on the flavour of rum. Learn what age and storage mean for the quality and flavour of rum.
Tasting documents: To review and consolidate what you have learnt, you will receive written documents about the rums tested and their characteristics.

Experience Düsseldorf – Book a wine tasting at Stage47 now

Whether you are a wine or rum novice or already have some knowledge and want to deepen your knowledge – our seminars offer something for everyone. Savour the fine wines and rums in the pleasant atmosphere of our premises and let our expert Ute Albers introduce you to the world of fine wines.

Register today and secure your place for an unforgettable flavour experience. All information about the next dates and the booking process can be found here. Each seminar lasts around 3 hours and costs €89 per person.