Japan-Day 2

Discover the land of the rising sun in the centre of Düsseldorf

Welcome to Japan Day, a radiant highlight in Düsseldorf’s event calendar that celebrates the unique connection between the Rhine metropolis and Japanese culture. Every year, the city is transformed into a stage for a festival that combines tradition and modernity, Far Eastern harmony and Rhineland joie de vivre.

A festival of colours and sounds

Immerse yourself in a world full of colourful splendour and cultural diversity. Japan Day brings you closer to the fascinating facets of Japan – from tranquil tea ceremonies that offer an oasis of calm amidst the hustle and bustle of everyday life, to dynamic martial arts demonstrations that showcase the artistry and discipline of Japanese culture. Musical performances, ranging from traditional sounds to modern J-pop rhythms, provide an unrivalled acoustic backdrop.

Culinary journey through Japan

Japan Day is also an invitation to all gourmets to explore the diversity of Japanese cuisine. From sushi to ramen, from sweet mochi to savoury takoyaki, the culinary stalls offer a range of flavours that seem to come straight from the streets of Tokyo.

A sky full of lights

As evening falls, Japan Day reaches its climax with a magnificent fireworks display. This spectacle, which bathes the sky above the Rhine in a sea of light and colour, symbolises the beauty and elegance of Japanese culture. It is a moment of togetherness that amazes visitors from all over the world and creates unforgettable memories.

Your gateway to an unforgettable experience

Our hotel not only offers the ideal starting point to take part in Japan Day, but also to explore Düsseldorf’s Japanese quarter. Stroll through Immermannstraße, the heart of Japanese life in Düsseldorf, and discover authentic shops, supermarkets and bookshops. Or visit the EKO House, the only Buddhist temple complex in Europe, for a spiritual break.

Of cherry blossoms and art

Düsseldorf also has a lot in store for lovers of Japanese culture outside of Japan Day. The Nordpark with its Japanese garden is a place of tranquillity and beauty, especially during the cherry blossom season. For art enthusiasts, the Hetjens Museum offers regular exhibitions of Japanese ceramics and handicrafts.

Your home away from home

Our hotel combines hospitality with comfort and is the perfect retreat after an eventful day. Enjoy the peace and quiet of our rooms, or round off the day with a drink at our bar. We are more than just a hotel – we are your home during this cultural journey of discovery in Düsseldorf.
Look forward to Japan Day and experience Japanese culture in all its facets. Book your stay with us now and become part of this extraordinary festival that unites Düsseldorf and Japan uniquely.