Ben Becker 2

(born on December 19th 1964) Ben Becker is a German actor and singer. Becker is the son of the actress Monika Hansen and the actor Rolf Becker. The actor Otto Sande was his stepfather. His grandmother Claire Schlichting was a comedian, his uncle Jonny Buchardt was also a comedian.

Nowadays, he lives in Berlin and when he was a child he contributed to radio plays and took small film roles. He worked as a stage employee at the “Berliner Schaubühne”. After he received his first engagement at the “Ernst-Deutsch­ Theatre” in Hamburg, he went to the “Staatstheater Stuttgart”, where he played in “Schiller’s lntrigue and Love” 1991-1992, while he acted the role of Tybalt in 1993/94 in Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet at the german “Schauspielhaus” in Hamburg.

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