Lars Eidinger 2

Multi-artist between light and shadow

Born on 21 January 1976 in Berlin, Lars Eidinger is an outstanding film actor and a versatile creative genius. As a long-standing ensemble member of the Berlin Schaubühne, he has left his mark on the theatre world. He is not only an actor, but also a theatre director, musician, DJ and successful video and photo artist, and has established himself internationally as a talented filmmaker with numerous awards, including the German Television Award and the Austrian Film Award.

He is a mem­ber of the German Film Academy and the Berlin Academy of the Arts, and he passes on his creativity to students through his lectures in dramatic art. Eidinger presented the exhibition “Black and White Thinking” at the Leica Gallery in Düsseldorf, which explores the phenomenon of black and white thinking. His works reflect the tendency to see the world in extremes and invite us to explore the complexity of life in all its facets.

Lars Eidinger: An artist who unites art forms with passion and interprets the world in all its diversity.

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