Die Prinzen 2

(founded in 1987 as “Die Herzbuben” / 1991 renamed as “Die Prinzen”) “Die Prinzen” are a German A cappella and pop band.

Founded in 1987 by Sebastian Krumbiegel, Wolfgang Lenk and Dirk Schrot as the trio “Die Herzbuben”, the band switched its name after frequent personal changes and not to be confused with the “Wildecker Herzbuben” in 1991 to the present name “Die Prinzen”. Their breakthrough happened in 1991 with the hit “Gaby und Klaus”.

The former line-up hasn’t changed much. To Sebastian Krumbiegel, Tobias Künzel, Wolfgang Lenk, Jens Sembdner, Henri Schmidt and Alexander “Ali” Zieme, Mathias Dietrich joined the band in 1994. “Die Prinzen” released 11 studio albums and received 14 gold records and six platinum awards in Germany.

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