Otto Sander 2

(born on June 30th 1941 / died on September 12th 2013) Otto Sander was a German actor, synchro and radio speaker. He was born in Hannover as the son of a naval officer. He studied at the Ludwig Maximilian University in Munich from 1962 to 1967 Theatre Studies, German Studies, Literature, Art History and Philosophy.

He acquired legal status at the Kammerspiele in Düsseldorf, where he debuted in 1965. In 1967/68 he was engaged at the city theatre Heidelberg, before he was selected for the “Freie Volksbühne” in Berlin. After that, he was taken by Peter Stein at the Schaubühne, founded in 1970 at “Hallesches Ufer”. In 2006, he became ill with cancer for the first time. 2011, he was regarded as September 12, 2013 in Berlin.

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