Robert Kreis 2

(born on May 10th 1949) Robert Kreis is a Dutch cabaret performer, pianist and entertainer.

Kreis is considered as one of the fathers of the arisen in the 20s retro wave, among others like the Berlin artists Max Raabe and Henry de Winter. Inspired by his family, he learned to play piano early. In the Netherlands, he finished high school, and then he went as a steward on cruise ships, where he had his first perform­ ances. In a small art school, he finally got to his present artistic activities and has dedicated more than 25 years to solo and orchestral programs in the 1920s and 1930s. With programs such as “Jubile” and “The frivolous Grammophon”, Robert Kreis is mainly with his jazz sextant since 1981 on German stages at home.

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