Tim Fischer 2

(born on March 12th 1973) Tim Fischer was born in Delmenhorst, grew up in Hude and attended the Waldorf school in Oldenburg. At just 15 years Tim Fischer made his stage debut as a composer and started to build his career in Hamburg.

In 1991, he moved to Berlin. He became known to a wider audience through his appearances on television and gained a big fan base in Germany, Switzerland and Austria in a very short time. Among others, he had his greatest perform­ances in the NDR talkshow, 2005 relating to a crime scene and in 2007 in Dani Levy’s film “Mein Führer – Die wirklich wahrste Wahrheit über Adolf Hitler”. Tim Fischer has been on stage for 25 years now. He celebrates his 25th anniversary with his new program “beloved songs”.

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