Ulrich Tukur 2

(born on July 29th 1957) Ulrich Tukur is a German actor and musician. Now he is considered one of the most renowned film actors of his generation in Germany.

In “The White Rose” he played the student and Willi Graf, member of the resistance group against the Nazi dictatorship. While playing in Ferdinand Bruckner’s “Sickness of Youth” in Munich, he became aware of Peter Zadek, resulting in an artistic cooperation, which leaded to Tukurs breakthrough after all in 1984. Tukur played at the “Freie Volksbühne Berlin” as SS officer Kittel in Joshua Sobol’s “Ghetto” first. In 1995, he founded the dance band Ulrich Tukur and the Rhythm Boys, with whom he has played many tours and released several record­ings. In August 2009, it was announced that Tukur plays a role as a crime scene investigator named Felix Murot for the Hessian Radio.

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